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Our services are not limited to ensuring the product quality during the start-up and project phase but rather focus on achieving the perfect result together with our customers. This is why we endeavor to always work in a solution and customer oriented manner. Thanks to our design & construction, our project management and our purchase policy, we are able to implement our customers’ wishes in an efficient and fast way. Furthermore, we run consignment warehouses at diverse locations in the Eastern European region offering customers the opportunity to purchase parts in a timely manner and without having to travel long distances. We will gladly advise you on optimization and cost potential issues as well as on further efficiency topics and material selection. We also take care of customized packaging.



Projektmanagement, Oskar Ruegg AGWe offer a professional project management which will save your resources, minimize project costs and at the same time achieve maximum safety.


Konstruktion, Oskar Ruegg AGIn the construction phase, our highly trained experts set about implementing your products.


Prototyp, Oskar Ruegg AGWe produce close-to-series functional samples as prototypes for you – you may evaluate at an early stage whether the planned part conforms to your demands.


Beschaffung, Oskar Rüegg AGWe have specialized in procuring custom-built drawing parts, auxiliary materials and operating supplies as well as various packaging and promotion materials.


Qualitätssicherung, Oskar Ruegg AGBenefit from Swiss quality standards – at prices commonly paid in Europe.


Montage, Oskar Rüegg AGIn our factory located in Bulgaria we offer thanks to the low input costs and high manufacturing Quality, optimal price-performance ratios for outsourcing labor cost intensive manufacturing and assembly work. Our highly motivated team on site and the Swiss production management guarantee the uncompromising execution of your installation projects.