November, 2016

Oskar Rüegg AG will stamp in Bulgaria

With the groundbreaking on September 15th by Eduard Häny, the president of the board of directors of Oskar Rüegg AG, representatives from the Bulgarian government and the church, the extension of the plant was officially started. The plant size will be extended from 3’100 to 6’200 m².

Below you can find some impressions of the groundbreaking:

After the finishing of the building, our machine outfit in Bulgaria will be upgraded with stamping machines. By implementing the stamping process, it will be possible to display the entire production of stamping parts and assembly parts in the plant in Bulgaria. The entire value-added chain, which today is stretching over the plant in Switzerland and the one in Bulgaria, will profit concerning the costs.

The modular services, which are already offered in Bulgaria today, will be completed by the implementation of the stamping process and pictured the following way:

You will be able to benefit from our new offer as soon as possible due to, we will implement the projects in Bulgaria before the actual start of production.
On the below view you can make yourself a picture of the realistic implementation of a future project. The engineering, construction as well as the Safe Launch Phase will be handled in Switzerland to make sure that we can guarantee the usual process safety.


Relating to the part spectrum we will proof all the requests. Basically we are looking for projects of the size and complexity as known and produced already in Switzerland.

Challenge us and send us your request (