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August, 2017

Oskar Rüegg Bulgaria is in the final sprint of the building extension

Now that we have successfully completed the first phase of construction at our Bulgarian location, we are ready to start phase two, which consists of doubling the amount of space available by building a new manufacturing facility and office spaces. This expansion will complement our existing services – degreasing, cleaning, metallization and assembly – by allowing us to provide additional processes on site, including production processes such as stamping, laser welding and more.

As planned, the new buildings will be operational by the end of the summer, and stamping will begin in November. From this point forward, our integrated process chain will be ready, and we will be able to offer state of the art technology. In addition, the new manufacturing facility will house customer-specific assembly lines. Our offer is specifically directed at companies wishing to benefit from Swiss quality standards, but at Bulgarian prices.

Overview of our new facilities:


3,100 m2 for production, storage and administration



2,700 m2 for new production and storage capacity and 400 m2 for new offices and personnel facilities, with a fabulous view of the city