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June, 2017

Metallization – A highly effective microlayer

Metallization is a state-of-the-art process used to apply a finishing coat to synthetic and metal components. The process optimizes the technical and aesthetic properties of a component for a specific purpose.


Expanding on our technological expertise

Because we wanted to add this process to our existing services, our development teams in Switzerland and Bulgaria evaluated different production processes and equipment in search of those that meet our high standards when it comes to quality and cost effectiveness. We were able to build up our process-related know-how in just a short time, and have seamlessly integrated this new technology into our existing infrastructure.


What do we metallize, and why?

One of the key products currently being produced by us is mirror shutters. The stamped automotive lighting parts are made of stainless steel and then metallized in our plant in Bulgaria to increase their degree of reflection. Once this production step is finished, they are built into the lighting module, creating a maximum light yield. This process has also allowed us to meet the requirements of the automobile industry and its standards.


How does the metallization process work?

Aluminum is heated to the vaporization point under vacuum; the vapor is then diffused into the surface of the cooler, rotating components, forming a permanent, protective coating of a pre-defined thickness (usually between 70-120 µm). We can use this process on a variety of synthetic materials, metals and other materials, from design components for consumer goods to technical components for capital goods. Metallization significantly increases a component’s value, from a visual and protective standpoint:

  1. Reflective coating: Reflects light and heat
  2. Protective barrier: against water vapor, gases and scents



What the metallization process means for our customers

In addition to its stamping technology, we now also offer metallizing as a separate service, thereby further contributing to the success of any product. This new service also allows us to cover the entire process chain, from stamped parts to surface treatments to full assembly.


Potential opportunities

A constant, open dialog with our customers allows us to keep up to date on the latest market developments and what process technologies we should consider. We use this knowledge to expand on our manufacturing processes, thereby ensuring that we can continue to offer an optimal process chain that produces high quality component parts at competitive prices.


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