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November, 2017

Introduction to the automated laser welding process with 200 welding points per second

New practical process at Oskar Rüegg

Laser welding is an innovative process for joining metals and plastics. The laser beam can be used to join the surfaces of workpieces or create deep weld seams. Thanks to the minimal melt and controllable duration, it is also possible to join materials that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to weld using conventional processes. Significantly less heat is generated than with plasma and arc welding, even at a higher laser power. Depending on the requirements, various processes such as spot welding or seam welding are used.

Know-how and expertise

For more than 125 years, our company has excelled in technological progress, innovation and precision work. With the help of our development teams in Switzerland and Bulgaria, we have been carrying out extensive laboratory tests for more than a year to assess the most suitable welding process for us. The result has been the successful establishment of an automated, product-specific laser welding process in our service portfolio that meets even the highest quality and efficiency requirements.


Focus on robotics-supported automation – Industry 4.0

The focus is on automation and the possibility of integrating robotics into an efficient 4.0 process. All batches should be traceable easily and quickly – by means of an intelligent control system, which is connected directly to the network and also controls, monitors and documents the entire process completely automatically. In addition, it is possible to join different metal alloys together. This means that with Oskar Rüegg AG, we can address specific customer requests and jointly develop the optimum concept expertly and efficiently.

When working with laser technologies with a process speed of up to 200 welding points per second, safety measures for our employees are naturally of the highest priority. Legal standards must be complied with and potential risks recognised early on. This is another area in which we have also succeeded in combining automated high-precision and high-speed work processes. So we can proudly say that we are once again the pioneers of innovative technologies in this industry. Every day we work for our customers not only to maintain this special status but to further develop it.

Investment in the future

We actively work on the future and invest in the specialists of tomorrow. At our modern production sites, trainees are integrated into our current projects and trained by our specialists in accordance with the traditional dual-education system in Switzerland. This allows us to pass our know-how and our high quality standards on to the ‘next generation’. We instil in our apprentices the knowledge that they are the key to our future success.