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The “make or buy” decision largely depends on the right partner. To evaluate which actually IS the right one is a real challenge. Especially in markets one knows little about. Oskar Rüegg AG is your partner rendering industrial services abroad while granting Swiss Standards.




We offer a professional project management which will save your resources, minimize project costs and at the same time achieve maximum safety. During all phases, our project manager is the central interface to internal and external partners. Similar to directing a movie, he ensures professional project handling regarding adherence to schedule, quality and costs and will accompany you in a competent and reliable way – from placing the order to start of production.The jointly defined standards for your project are therefore ensured during all phases and may be monitored constantly. Die gemeinsam definierten Standards für Ihr Projekt sind so während aller Phasen sichergestellt und können laufend kontrolliert werden.


Based on long-standing experience and using state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems, we develop and manufacture demanding and complex tools from strip material for the stamping technology as well as mounting devices for assemblies. We employ our own in-house experts for the design & construction of tools and auxiliary devices. This enables us to offer you excellent quality from the first to the last process step. We assume responsibility from construction via regular inspections up to maintenance and storage. During the production phase, process reliability and maximum efficiency are given top priority. In the end, this will pay off for you – saving you time and money.


We will take care of the manufacture and mounting of assemblies for you. Manually or tool-supported, for individual assemblies or finished products, in small-lot or large-scale production: Our experts in the Bulgaria plant dispose of the required infrastructure and flexibility to offer you the right solution satisfying all economical and qualitative demands. You profit from lower assembly costs and at the same time enjoy the advantage of almost unlimited capacities. It goes without saying that all our works and services comply with the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality standards. For any relocation projects wage-intensive manufacturing and assembly activities we offer from day one an uncomplicated and targeted care.


The best product is of no use if logistics fail and shipment to the customer is not made in time. Therefore, we have built our own logistics center in Bulgaria which handles for you storage and shipment of customer products but also takes over other customer-specific works: As for instance re-packaging, complementing or commissioning. In order to keep the flow of goods under control at all times, our entire logistics are based on a proven SAP solution. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with a logistics company operating throughout Europe and represented in Bulgaria, we dispose of an excellent transport network allowing us to make attractive offers to our customers. In this way, you may open the Southeastern European markets for yourself in a very convenient way without having to setup your own infrastructure. Of course, we also take care of the direct contact to the customer for you in your name upon request.


Our range of services does not only include the flawless production of your stamping parts but also the various work steps and services required for finishing. It is obvious that we inspect each stamped part for perfect dimensioning, subject it to a visual outgoing inspection and carefully clean it. Our range of services extends from first assembly works via reliable insertion in your trays up to the proper packaging.


Benefit from Swiss quality standards – at prices commonly paid in Europe. Using a carefully developed system, we handle incoming goods inspection, running test and final inspection according to criteria defined by you. Our solutions are so flexible that we are able to fulfill every wish. Naturally, we use state-of-the-art measuring and recording equipment – in this way, we guarantee the compliance with the specified tolerances.


We have specialized in procuring custom-built drawing parts, auxiliary materials and operating supplies as well as various packaging and promotion materials. Supplying our customers with best fitting materials at an optimal price-performance ratio is our first and foremost goal. Further advantages for you due to cooperating with us: Outsourcing reduces your procurement costs while providing access to neighboring non-European countries (like e.g. Turkey) at the same time.


We produce close-to-series functional samples as prototypes for you – you may evaluate at an early stage whether the planned part conforms to your demands. In this way, weak spots are detected in time and may be eliminated just as early in a simple way. As we manufacture prototypes without tool but laser instead, you save the investments for modifying an existing tool or manufacturing a new tool. At the same time, this has a positive effect on your scheduling as decisions may be made in due time and based on sound Facts.


In the construction phase, our highly trained experts set about implementing your products. As this step is realized under one roof with the experts from the previous phases, we can ensure that all issues and defined parameters already discussed beforehand will continue to be taken into account. This eliminates unproductive times and increases the process stability. The progressive tools developed and designed by Oskar Rüegg professionals in 3D CAD are perfectly tuned to optimized tool making and series production.


Efficient and cost-effective stamping of complex parts shows many years of competence and experience. We do not want you to satisfy, we want to inspire you with our performance. Your parts are stamped trough follow-on composite tools which are designed and manufactured under our responsibility. The result is a highly-grade and drawing conform product that is efficient manufactured in our modern train of machines. We can press well, the press capacity average is at most 1600 kN. All stampable materials from metal sheet size 0.10 mm until 3.00 mm we are able to process until a material wide range of 320.00 mm.