Career EN : Oskar Ruegg



The Oskar Rüegg AG attaches high value to a motivating and inspiring work climate. Teamwork, a good sense of responsibility and mutual respect are the basis for success.

Our employees are key contributors to the development of the company. Only the best of teams will be good enough for this and only the best performance will just about be adequate. And because we ask a lot, we are also willing to give a lot. As for instance appreciation, respect and bright prospects.

Employees at Oskar Rüegg AG are intended to see themselves as key members and supporting pillars of the company and actively contribute to its success. To this end, we have introduced a comprehensive package of measures:

Quarterly employee information event providing information about the course of business, plans and strategies.

Intranet with news, general information and management manual

Regular information events in the frame of “Brown Bag Sessions”

Employee commission including quarterly exchange of information with the Board of Directors

Semiannual performance evaluation interviews with all employees

Superior performance evaluation and satisfaction interviews

Active involvement of the employees in the business management