My impressions of Mexico : Oskar Ruegg

My impressions of Mexico

December 2021

Dear family, friends, and acquaintances


As previously mentioned, every day I’m learning more and more about this very exciting Mexican way of life. I think the biggest difference is the huge demographic change in Mexico. Most of the Mexican population is below 39 years old and is well educated, which seems to be one of the key factors for the current economic growth and the big change in working and living habits here in Mexico. The work culture used to be very patriarchic, and male led. Today, I see more and more women in top management positions, which for sure offers new perspectives for business and social life. I see in Mexico big potential for the upcoming years and hope that the government and the politics also can speed up with the realization of the urgently needed infrastructure projects, such as wastewater treatment plants, waste recycling, reliable power supply and social facilities (childcare, health insurance, age care) etc.


I’m very sure that the Mexicans can solve these challenges as they are very forward oriented and friendly.


In this sense and with a lot of Mexican sunshine, I wish you all a wonderful advent season.


Muchos saludos
Markus Ebnöther