My first weeks in Querétaro : Oskar Ruegg

My first weeks in Querétaro

November 2021

Dear family, friends, and acquaintances


What a great experience to be in Mexico. Already five weeks passed, since I arrived in this colorful and excited country, which offers a very interesting history with a lot of traditions.


After a week of crash course in Spanish and the local history in the Spanish school “OLE” in Querétaro, with very skilled and motivated teachers, I’ve been working with our great Oskar Rüegg Mexico team for the past four weeks. Even at work, I currently learn every day more and more about this great Mexican – Lifestyle.


Here in Mexico, I feel this unbreakable sprit in going forward, no matter what the life is giving to you. This however, also requires a lot of flexibility in both private and professional life. It seems to me that flexibility in combination with the very warm, friendly, traditional, and family oriented lifestyle are special qualities of the Mexican people.


Of course, and not least, the wide range of different – even if sometimes a bit spicy –  food, is just brilliant (not to mention the beer and the tequila). Lots of fresh exotic fruits, vegetables, guacamoles with tacos and lots of burritos make everybody’s day even happier.


Wish you all the best and muchos saludos
Markus Ebnöther