How we transferred a 50T stamping machine to Mexico : Oskar Ruegg

How we transferred a 50T stamping machine to Mexico

February 2020

Currently, we are very busy building our plant in Mexico and planning its ramp up. Last November, we transferred our first stamping press and soon, some more will follow. This is how the transfer was carried out:


The transfer process started in Switzerland, where the stamping press was initially located. Our specialists took care of the maintenance of the machine so that the project manager could release it.


Since the stamping press would be on a cargo ship for several weeks, it was essential to provide it with special packaging. The engine had to be protected against corrosion and the stability of the machine on the constantly moving load had to be guaranteed. An external company took care of the special safe packaging.


The transit time including the import at the Mexican customs took about eight weeks. A transport company then brought the machine by truck from Santa Cruz to Querétaro where the press was placed directly into the Oskar Rüegg plant. The special packaging was then removed and a contracted company assembled all parts. After the assembly of the stamping press, it was put into operation by our Mexican colleagues: Filling up oil, lubricating parts, etc.


Aside from the transfer, there were several other operations going on: stamping tools and a decoiler were also sent to Mexico. We made sure enough raw material would be at the plant, so that our Mexican colleagues could start stamping directly once the machine would arrive. And now, as you may know, we are stamping!