Expert event at the Oskar Rüegg : Oskar Ruegg

Expert event at the Oskar Rüegg

August 2020

For their annual company visit, the expert group for mechanical professions of the canton of Glarus visited Oskar Rüegg AG. Michael Koller, Head of Engineering, and Dean Tresch, Head of Toolshop, led through the event and provided the appropriate answers to all kinds of questions.


The event began with a presentation of Oskar Rüegg AG and during the tour of the production and the engineering departments, the creation of a punched article could be seen. As chance would have it, the group could see one of our specialists doing the sampling of a highly complex tool – a new beam shutter.


During the subsequent visit and tour of our apprenticeship workshop, the panel of experts was able to get a picture of a modern training company, before the guests could exchange their experiences and impressions about the Oskar Rüegg AG while having a drink.


All in all, the event was a success for all invited and involved persons.