Dual training Switzerland-Mexico : Oskar Ruegg

Dual training Switzerland-Mexico

July 2020

At the beginning of 2020, we expanded our team in Mexico by hiring two new setters for our stamping machines. An employee from Switzerland travelled to Mexico in order to train the new team members on the 50t stamping machine. To expand and deepen their training afterwards, the two new colleagues then travelled for a two-month stay to Switzerland, where they completed an intensive four-step training.


The first training step was to get to know the machines, the set-up process, the settings of the peripherals, etc. Afterwards, they were taught the stamping process. They learnt how to punch and how to supervise series production. The third training step included quality control, i.e. checking the parts according to customer specifications.


To ensure that in the future tool maintenance can be carried out directly on-site in Mexico, one of the two Mexican employees underwent a three-week training course in the tool maintenance of Oskar Rüegg Switzerland. This enables our plant in Mexico to independently assess what needs to be maintained or repaired on a tool. This knowledge is now going to be deepened and expanded so that tool maintenance can be carried out completely on-site in the future.


Why in Switzerland? The 125t stamping machine that was to be shipped to Mexico and on which the employees would eventually be stamping was in Jona at that time. In addition, the Swiss factory, which acts as the lead plant, has a production going on at all time, so there is always work and learning material for our colleagues from Mexico. After the two-month training in Switzerland, they flew back to Mexico. Now they will be supervised and coached for another two weeks by a Swiss employee on-site in order to be able to produce parts according to specifications independently.