Account Management Team of Oskar Rüegg AG : Oskar Ruegg

Account Management Team of Oskar Rüegg AG

July 2021

The Account Management Team is the link between customers and the Oskar Rüegg Group. It pursues the superior goal of cultivate and developing existing business relationships and establishing new ones. In order to be able to perceive the local market conditions in a more targeted manner and to bring the local market requirements into the company more efficiently, the Account Management Team of Oskar Rüegg is distributed across the three locations Switzerland, Bulgaria and Mexico. Today’s digital communication channels provide support in various areas, but they cannot replace the emotions or the feeling of a shared identity of a physical meeting. For these reasons, but also to make use of training opportunities, the international team meets for several weeks at the headquarters in Jona.


The team event in the Appenzell Alps (Alpstein) is intended on the one hand to facilitate getting to know each other and on the other hand to provide a varied, sporting diversion to the intensive daily training and education routine. A hike through the Alpstein offers not only a natural spectacle, but also some similarities with everyday working life: many paths lead to the goal and different factors (in this case the weather) influence the progress. However, the important thing is that the team is united in following the previously chosen path, supporting each other and using their individual strengths.


Back from the beautiful Swiss Alps, the Account Management Team is looking forward to go through the second half of the training program and to serve as the main contact for the customers.